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Who is the Divine Growth Goddess?

Jameelah Auset is the Divine Growth Goddess. A fierce, fiery Virgo with Leo tendencies, Jameelah strongly believes that the journey that we take to loving self is the only one that brings total freedom and liberation.

Here's what she has to say:

This blog came out of from my experiences. Journaling is one of the most powerful modalities for my transformation.  I started writing in elementary school to express all that was taking place within. The eldest of two, my parents were divorcing and things felt angry, hurt and repressive in the house. Sharing my experiences through writing became a major outlet in my life and one that I held onto throughout adulthood. 

As an adult I realized that so many of my experiences offered teachable opportunities. I could literally open a journal from any time period and be able to see my transformation, see my progress, see my growth.

In taking this very introspective look at me through every stage in my life, I could see a recurring theme: TRANSFORMATION. The evolution of the Divine Growth Goddess was sparked. 

As the Divine Feminine I recognize the holy sovereignty that exists within me. I recognize my connection to creation, to earth, to the womb, to all.

As Growth I embrace the challenge of growth daily. I believe in being the best at who I am and all that I do. I welcome all challenges and obstacles that mold me into the greatness I was created to be.

As Goddess I embrace my immaculate beauty, my sunlight, my moon and the influences that my energy brings. I embrace my darkness, I embrace my faults and flaws and I hold space for forgiveness and compassion for me at all times that renders me from of guilt, doubt and criticism.


In my ever evolving transformation,I use my lessons, sacrifices, pitfalls and wins to assist women like you who have been divinely led to me. As a teacher, student and mentor my work is designed to heal and inform, to be a catalyst for certain reminders and wisdom along your journey to you.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community. Your evolution means a lot to me. Your feedback is important.

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About Me:

Curious about Jameelah Assata Anderson? Here's an opportunity to learn more about who the Self Love Specialist and Growth Goddess is and how she got started in this work.